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How to get yourself headhunted

Build a reputation as someone who is passionate about their work and their industry.

How to get yourself headhunted

It's a dream scenario – rather than having to go out and chase jobs, the jobs start to chase you. But it doesn't have to stay a dream. With the right practical skills, industry expertise and a reputation as a hard worker, you could be exactly the kind of person most likely to be pursued by headhunters.

Get noticed in real life

To be worthy of headhunting, you need to know your stuff, have a high profile in your industry and be a desirable all-round package. While the online sphere is becoming an ever-bigger part of any recruitment drive, you still need to pay attention to the impression you're making in real life.

The people you meet in your current job may be the same ones who will later, once they've moved on to new pastures, hold the fate of your career in their hands. Treat all of your colleagues with respect and always be professional.

Take advantage of all opportunities

Training days, online training schemes and conferences may sound like hard work, but they can be invaluable when it comes to getting noticed. Grab hold of any opportunity that comes your way and build a reputation as someone who is passionate about work and your industry.

Create some online buzz

If you don't already have a professional networking account online, it's time to make one. A properly filled in profile with plenty of keywords (your areas of expertise) offers recruitment managers the perfect way to sift potential candidate by skill sets. Even better if your profile has honest recommendations from past colleagues as this one of the best ways of attracting attention.

Be conscious of your online impression overall. Search the internet for your name so you can vet the results that are returned and check privacy settings on social media sites. You can use networks to your advantage too – microblogging sites are a real favourite with recruiters and can be an easy way of getting in touch with influential industry insiders.

Nurture your key skills

Don't forget, that while it's all very well to polish your profile, recruiters want to see evidence of real skills. If you're worried that your core skills don't stand up to scrutiny, you can always work towards a new qualification or build on an existing one.

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