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Advanced Diploma ensures major step up in Building Surveying career

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Advanced Diploma ensures major step up in Building Surveying career

Gareth Morgan, Queensland Essential Services Consultant at Philip Chun 

18 January 2019

Having worked in a variety of roles in the commercial construction sector for 25 years and after a short stint as a Maintenance Planner in the Oil and Gas Sector, completing an Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying ensured a major step up in Gareth Morgan’s career with Philip Chun – one of Australia’s leading building certification, access and services consulting groups.

Mr Gareth Morgan said, “With the understanding that I would complete the nationally accredited Advanced Diploma through TAFE Digital, I joined Philip Chun in 2016 as the Queensland Essential Services Consultant facilitating building fire safety and compliance for large commercial property management companies throughout Queensland.”

The Advanced Diploma has allowed Mr Morgan to progress his career in building surveying by giving him the technical qualification required to become accredited and licenced to practice in Queensland. With his role being solely in the commercial sector, the units most critical to Mr Morgan’s day-to-day work related to Building Legislation and Volume 2 of the Building Code of Australia.

“My role sees me responsible for undertaking building inspections of our clients’ property portfolios to identify areas of non-compliance with state regulation, AS1851 - 2012 Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment, the Building Code of Australia and other applicable Australian Standards related to prescribed fire safety installations,” he said.

Working with clients such as QIC, Mirvac and Sate Government Health Services also entails providing advice related to non-compliance rectification and the facilitation of performance solutions where requirements have been identified. “The company is renowned for delivering high profile projects on time, within budget and ensuring that regulations are strictly adhered to, so currency of knowledge in building codes, regulations and legislation is a critical success factor to the business,” explained Mr Morgan.

An integral part of Mr Morgan’s role is to coordinate, witness and report on annual fire systems interface testing for clients, as well as prepare annual fire safety compliance statements which, in Queensland, are referred to as Occupier Statements.

Mr Morgan is in the process of compiling a ‘CV’ of building surveying work he has completed over the last two years to support his application to the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) for accreditation as a level 2 Building Surveyor. Once accredited, he will be eligible to apply for a Level 2 Building Certifier licence with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission; the construction industry regulator in Queensland.

Philip Chun has recently expanded its Queensland essential services team and has promoted Mr Morgan to Senior Essential Service Consultant with a direct report. “My long-term goal is to continue my studies to complete a Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying to become level 1 accredited with AIBS.”

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