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ANIMAL INSTINCT: How TAFE NSW Griffith helped Molly find her 'pet project'

TAFE NSW Griffith

ANIMAL INSTINCT: How TAFE NSW Griffith helped Molly find her 'pet project'

PET PROJECT: TAFE NSW Griffith graduate Molly Bryant is in her dream job as a vet nurse.

20 February 2024


TAFE NSW Griffith has helped a local woman realise her dream of a career working with animals amid sustained demand for veterinary professionals in the region.

Molly Bryant’s love of animals was forged as a child on her family’s Ungarie sheep and cattle farm, prompting her to consider a career as a vet during her early high school years.

Realising she was unlikely to achieve the required marks to study vet science, Ms Bryant pivoted to veterinary nursing, enrolling in a Certificate II in Animal Care at TAFE NSW Griffith as a TVET course in year 12.

The following year, she enrolled in a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at TAFE NSW Primary Industries Centre in Wagga, securing a job as a vet nurse at Griffith Veterinary Hospital just weeks before graduating in December 2023.

It comes as the region – and much of the nation – grapples with a critical shortage in veterinary services, with vet nurse roles predicted to climb 15 per cent by 2026.

“I didn’t really enjoy the academic side of school but I always knew I wanted to work with animals; I just love them,” Ms Bryant, 20, said.

“Studying animal care as a TVET course at school gave me a real headstart and gave me the confidence and skills to study the Certificate IV in Vet Nursing.

“I love my job so much. Every day is different: I could be monitoring the pets in surgery one day, acting as a consult nurse another day and dealing with clients the next.

“Seeing how distraught some owners are when they bring a sick pet in and then seeing the joy on their face when their pet is brought back to health is very satisfying.”

She said her TAFE NSW courses had given her the practical skills and experience to make an immediate impact in her job.

The Certificate II in Animal Studies will be offered at TAFE NSW Griffith from this month and is required before enrolling in the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Ms Bryant described her TAFE NSW Griffith teacher, Tamara Percival, as the “best teacher I’ve ever had”.

“I’m a hands-on learner and Tamara always found a way to make it interesting,” she said. “We even brought our own pets in to check their vitals as part of the course.”

Ms Percival said TAFE NSW’s connection with industry and the practical skills offered in the animal care courses meant graduates were in high demand.

“TAFE NSW gives students those hands-on, practical skills to be job-ready on day one,” Ms Percival said.

“There’s such a high need for jobs like vet nurses, vet receptionists, animal attendants and kennel hands, and there will be an even higher demand for those jobs in future.”


Media contact: Dan Johns, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist, mobile 0477 722 428