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Blue Mountains designer making a splash across the country


Blue Mountains designer making a splash across the country

As more businesses are looking to outsource their creative roles to contractors, demand for freelance creatives like TAFE NSW alumnus Le Grizz (Gerard Brown) is at an all-time high.

Located in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Le Grizz is an Australian artist and illustrator who specialises in quirky murals and graphic designs, which have caught the eye of brands around the nation.

Le Grizz said “I grew up in a very artistic family. Both sisters are in the art and design industry, one of my sisters studied a Diploma of Graphic Design at TAFE NSW, so I guess you could say it was in my blood.

“When I was seven, I remember going to art classes during the school holidays, but as I got a little bit older I didn’t think I would be able to make a full time career out of it and started doing a trade instead.”

It was not until he saw his sister start working in the industry as a designer that he thought to himself, ’Hey this is something I could do as a career’ and enrolled in a Diploma of Graphic Design at TAFE NSW.

“Getting back into the classroom was a struggle for me as I was so used to working with my hands. After a little while, I settled into it and really began to fall in love with the course.

“I really enjoyed studying branding and as I am a fiend for colour, colour studies was one of my favourite classes. I had so much fun with it,” Le Grizz said.

After completing his diploma, Le Grizz worked with a fellow graduate before being head hunted to illustrate packaging for food goods company Primo small goods and which saw him complete some work for Masterchef and complete package rebrand for Hans.

“Networking is a big part of my industry and the relationships I made with my peers and industry while at TAFE NSW really helped me get my foot in the door.”

Since establishing his own business in 2013 Le Grizz has had the opportunity to collaborate with brands like Bacardi-Martini, Valentine Wines, Mambo and Fireball Whisky in an industry that is forecast to see 27,000 job openings for graphic and web designers by 2023.[1]

“I have worked on some amazing projects I really couldn’t pick a favourite. My latest project with Fireball Whisky has been really cool. I designed assets for apparel and snowboards, which really let me combine my love for snowboarding with my work.

Recently showing his art at the Gang Gang Gallery in Lithgow, Grizz continues to showcase his work on the Instagram account @legrizz.com_