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Bowl’d and beautiful: TAFE NSW student catching the business bug

Bowl’d and beautiful: TAFE NSW student catching the business bug

Gomthi Suresh, originally from India, is a TAFE NSW Hornsby Advanced Diploma of Ceramics student who has just set up her own gallery in India.

Under the guidance of TAFE NSW Hornsby Ceramics teachers, Ms Suresh has learnt all the skills required to plan an exhibition to promote her work.

When Ms Suresh signed up to study at TAFE NSW Hornsby, she said it was the best thing she could have done, exposing her to mentors and broadening her creative outlook, and inspiring her with new ways to move forward with her career.

“My parents never forced me into studying art. I had a natural interest, and the passion automatically came and the success followed,” she said.

From developing concepts and a cohesive body of work, through to planning, budgeting, designing, marketing, curating and running the exhibition, Ms Sureshhas learnt it all at TAFE NSW.

“After studying ceramics at TAFE NSW I was eager to develop an art space focusing on ceramics in India. Art is thriving in India and ceramics hasn’t received much focus. Bengaluru has several art galleries, but nothing dedicated to pottery and ceramics. This is where I got the idea to launch Gallery Manora,” Ms Suresh said.

“It’s been a privilege to be a part of the journey and seeing my ideas come to life.”

Showing 90 per cent ceramic art at Gallery Manora, Ms Suresh will curate two shows a year, spending half her time in Sydney studying at TAFE NSW.

TAFE NSW Visual Arts Head Teacher Tony McDonald said creatives have a skillset that allows them to approach tasks in a critical way and that this is a sought after skill in a competitive job market.

“Studying creativity is a skill required for now and future employment in a variety of industries,” Mr McDonald said.

“These are the types of skills that people need to develop to be able to continue to innovate and unpack life and employment in new ways.

“Students who have graduated from an Advanced Diploma of Ceramics gain a variety of skills including running their own business as a sole trader to working in an organisation that designs and produces ceramic objects. The standard of creative work produced in this course is very high year-after-year due to the passion and commitment of both teachers and students.”

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