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Employees at Moree Plains Council and Gwydir Shire Council upskill at TAFE NSW


Employees at Moree Plains Council and Gwydir Shire Council upskill at TAFE NSW

In an effort to foster professional growth and better serve local communities, Moree Plains Council and Gwydir Shire Council are investing significantly in upskilling their workforces through TAFE NSW.

A diverse group of 18 employees across the Councils are studying a Diploma of Leadership and Management at TAFE NSW Moree, to gain the necessary skills for current and future leadership roles.

Acting General Manager, Nick Tobin, stated: “Moree Plains Shire Council is invested in upskilling its workforce, alongside Gwydir Shire Council. We are committed to the development of our workforce and providing learning opportunities to ensure our employees thrive in current and future roles which serve the local community.”

“We have a strong relationship with TAFE NSW and this collaboration is a great example of our ongoing commitment to creating an empowered, skilled, and motivated workforce that can adapt to ever-evolving challenges,” said Mr Tobin.

Leeah Daley, Gwydir Shire Council Deputy General Manager said: “Gwydir Shire Council looks forward to seeing our staff develop professionally and most importantly using their new skills to deliver quality services to the community, which will help to drive economic growth and increase community prosperity.”

Moree local Stephanie de Kantzow says the training offered by TAFE NSW has played a pivotal role in advancing her career at Moree Plains Council.

“I’ve worked for Council for five years in various administration roles, and with the support of Council and TAFE NSW, have been able to build on the skills I’ve gained throughout my career to land a leadership role as a Road Safety Officer,” Ms de Kantzow said.

“Throughout the course, I’ve gained vital communication and leadership skills which have helped me in my day-to-day work. My job is incredibly rewarding and allows me to contribute to the safety and well-being of my local community, which I care deeply about.”

“I’m also studying a TAFE NSW Certificate III in Accounting Practices to progress my skills and career even further. It’s great that Council is providing us with the opportunity to upskill and is investing in the development of their teams.”

TAFE NSW Teacher of Leadership and Management Services Lynne Sheather said the delivery of the Diploma of Leadership and Management has been tailored by TAFE NSW to meet the needs of Moree Plains Council and Gwydir Shire Council.

“Employees are learning by attending face-to-face classes two consecutive days a month, where they have the opportunity to mix with not just other Council staff members, but students from a range of industries,” Ms Sheather said.

“The course will allow the students to develop their skills in emotional intelligence, operational planning and innovation and managing priorities.”

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