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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sara brings home the bacon (and Vegemite)

TAFE NSW Wagga Wagga

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sara brings home the bacon (and Vegemite)

SPITTING CHIPS: Could you stomach this unusual food combination?

Tom Cruise and Cher, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton - Hollywood has seen its fair share of odd pairings.

But it has nothing on some of the weird and woeful combinations dished up in the ABC Riverina studio this morning for the regular TAFE Buds segment.

From the suburban classics - Maccas French Fries dipped in a chocolate sundae - to the truly stomach churning - chocolate chip cookie slathered in French onion dip.

Throw in a bacon and vegemite sandwich and a dill pickle topped with Nutella, and the studio risked resembling the set of Poltergeist.

"You do have to wonder how some of these combinations were even created," TAFE NSW cookery queen Sara Morley said.

But not all the combos were a bust.

Upon munching into the dill pickle and Nutella, ABC Riverina Breakfast host Sally Bryant's face contorted momentarily and then a smile washed over it: "That's just extraodinary," she said.

Ms Morley said while some odd food pairings were "just wrong", others had science on their side, like strawberries doused in balsamic vinegar.

"Balsamic brings out the flavour in food and with strawberries out of season, they don't have the same depth of flavour," she said.

"Adding balsamic is a great way to enhance the strawberry's natural flavour."

While on the topic of unlikely combinations, Ms Morley reminded listeners there were plenty of surprising courses to be found at TAFE NSW.

"Just a quick look at courses enrolling now at TAFE NSW Wagga Wagga and you might be surprised at what you can find," she said.

She said some of the more unusual courses included a Statement of Attainment in Upgrading Your Gaming PC and a short course in keyboarding speed testing.

TAFE NSW also offered higher education qualifications, Ms Morley said, like the Bachelor of Creative Practice.

If you'd like to learn more about the many courses offered at TAFE NSW, visit or call 13 16 01.