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How TAFE NSW changed Kyra’s life


How TAFE NSW changed Kyra’s life


Engadine local Kyra Scott says finishing her schooling with TAFE NSW changed her life. Now she’s encouraging any students to consider the range of study options available at TAFE NSW to enhance their career options and experience the same life-changing results.

Kyra struggled at high school and began to fall behind in her studies. She was a capable student but didn’t feel as though she was in the right environment to realise her potential. It’s a common story, with around 15% of Australians leaving school before they reach year 12[1].

“At high school, I felt like I was being left behind because I just didn’t seem to fit in and there were so many students who needed the teacher’s assistance.

“I also experienced bullying for silly things that, in the world outside of school, would not even matter. Some people just did not seem to understand how I ticked,” Kyra said.

When Kyra was 15, she left school and began her TAFE NSW journey by enrolling in the Certificate II in Further Study Skills, which is a High School Certificate equivalent course.

ABS findings reveal 68% of people aged 20-64 years have a non-school qualification, with rates for men and women gradually converging over the past 15 years[2].

Kyra said, “I found that in TAFE NSW’s smaller and supportive environment, I was heard and protected.

“Everyone at TAFE NSW made me feel welcome and I soon learnt that I could talk to them about anything. They motivated me to take a real interest in my learning and my future goals.”

By the end of her Certificate II in Further Study Skills, Kyra’s confidence and love of learning had flourished. She remained at TAFE for another 18 months to complete the Year 11 and Year 12 equivalents - Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study and the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation.

The support from her teachers led Kyra to discover her life’s true passion, and she is now actively pursuing a career in teaching.

“When I started at TAFE NSW I had no idea where I wanted to go in life. However, through discussions with my teachers and the opportunity to research my career goals, I now know that I will train as a primary school teacher for the deaf and blind. 

“Thanks to TAFE NSW, I have also successfully completed a course in Auslan and I am volunteering to work with people in our community who have special needs.”

“I would recommend TAFE to anybody, but especially to those who are struggling to engage in education for whatever reason. The support I received at TAFE NSW has without a doubt changed my life.”

To learn more about Tertiary Preparation Study and employability pathways available at TAFE NSW in 2020 head to or phone 131 601.

Media contact: Alice Dalley, TAFE NSW Media and Communications Business Partner,, mobile 0402 528 210.


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