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With employment opportunities in the human resources industry expected to increase over the next five years, there is no better time for Inverell job seekers to consider a rewarding career recruiting and assisting staff within an organization.

According to data from the Australian Government Jobs Outlook, more than 48,000 job openings Australia-wide are expected for human resource professionals over this time. i

TAFE NSW student and Inverell resident, Susan Ticehurst, is taking full advantage of new opportunities in the human resources industry. After working in retail and hospitality while raising a family, she chose to make the switch to human resource management and upskill with a Diploma of Human Resource Management at TAFE NSW Armidale.

“The Diploma has given me a better understanding of the working requirements within a business, as well as the skills needed to guide managers with conflicts and resolution processes,” Ms Ticehurst said.

“Studying online at TAFE NSW meant that I could work full-time and study after hours. I also had access to learning support and the facilities at TAFE NSW Inverell.

“The teachers at TAFE NSW were so supportive and were only a phone call or email away if I had any questions or needed them. They also checked in with me to keep me on track with my assessments.”

The future looks bright for Ms Ticehurst, as a study by the Grattan Institute indicated that a vocational educational training qualification will lead to work in a relevant field.ii 

“I enjoy being able to turn people’s lives around through my role as the Regional Manager for Jobs Australia Enterprises. It provides great job satisfaction finding the right people for the right jobs,” Ms Ticehurst said.

“I’d encourage others, no matter how old you are to look at upskilling at TAFE NSW and growing your skills to keep up with today’s ever changing workplace.”

TAFE NSW Business Services Teacher, Kathleen Zarubin, said Susan was a hard working student who was clearly driven by her career goals.

“Susan understands the importance and value of learning not only for herself, but also for her clients, many of whom she refers to various institutions to help facilitate their own career goals.

“Susan is a wonderful example of how with perseverance and hard work, you can achieve job-ready skills, with the help, support and assistance from TAFE NSW.”

To find out more about human resource courses available at TAFE NSW through flexible or online learning visit or phone 131 601 for more information.

Media contact: Emma Curtis, TAFE NSW Media Officer, (02) 6338 2509, mobile 0427 901 515


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ii Risks and rewards: when is vocational education a good alternative to higher education? The Grattan Institute, August 2019