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TAFE NSW course offers computer literacy liberation

TAFE NSW Hunter region

TAFE NSW course offers computer literacy liberation

In today’s technologized world, having basic computer skills is essential to managing day to day life. It is also valuable in keeping up with family and friends, and connecting with the rest of society.

For those looking for work, these skills are vital. A report from The New Work Order in 2017* forecasted 90 per cent of the workforce would require at least basic computer literacy within the ensuing five years.

Becoming computer literate is a step many Australians find wonderfully liberating. Greg Williams from Charlestown discovered this when completing the part-time TAFE NSW Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology last year.

A retired lawyer, Mr Williams is putting his new computer skills to use in communicating with family and ex-clients, and when organising activities in his personal life such as holidays.

"I’m retired but it helps me at home. Things my secretary used to do for me I now know how to do it myself. And if I forget how to do something I refer back the handout we received each week,” Mr Williams said.

“My family lives close so we normally ring one another, but one son will email me stuff so I can look at it and give him my opinion. It’s wonderful to be able to do that.

“I’ve also found it useful for situations like preparing for overseas trips. I’m going on one soon and I’ve created folders for it and done lots of internet research.

“The Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology is ideal for retirees as well as people who work. Some in the class had never been on the ‘net or sent an email. I was the most au fait with that but I still came away with lots of great hints, such as shortcuts and how to confine my searches on the internet.

“A lot of the course was ideal had I still been working but fortunately my working days are over. Even so, it was really beneficial to me and I enjoyed it.

“The small size of the group helped tremendously but most important was the teaching. The teacher I had was absolutely unbelievable – she was very passionate, obviously very experienced and knew how to get it across to students. I got so much out of it.”

Across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter, the Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology course will be held at TAFE NSW Newcastle, Glendale, Maitland, Tomaree and Cessnock from late July. To register, visit or call 131 601.

Australia’s largest training provider, TAFE NSW offers over 1,200 courses, from certificates to degrees.

* The New Work Order, a report from the Foundation of Young Australians.