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TAFE NSW helping to close gender gap ahead of supply chain jobs boom

TAFE NSW St George

TAFE NSW helping to close gender gap ahead of supply chain jobs boom

TAFE NSW is working with the supply chain industry to skill more women to take advantage of the supply chain jobs boom and help keep NSW’s economy moving.

While the supply chain industry is forecasted to grow by another 39,000 jobs over the next three years[1], research shows women only make up 23.4%[2] of Australia's supply chain workforce.

TAFE NSW Teacher of Supply Chain and Logistics, Michael Farragher, said TAFE NSW is working closely with industry to help close the gender gap to strengthen the supply chain workforce.

"With the NSW Government investing in additional fee-free places in high-demand skill areas, as well a range of course delivery options, TAFE NSW is helping make supply chain an accessible career option for more women," said Mr Farragher.

"Whether it's operating forklifts or coordinating logistics, TAFE NSW is providing the latest in industry-relevant training to gain the skills all students need to thrive in any job role in the Supply Chain industry." 

Western Sydney local and former nurse Rayleen Woods decided to switch up her career and discovered a passion for the supply chain industry after working as a forklift and crane operator at a large steel manufacturer. 

Rayleen said after stepping into a temporary Warehousing Coordinator role, she recognised the potential to grow her career and enrolled to complete Certificate IV in Warehousing and Logistics at TAFE NSW St George.

"When we talk about warehousing and logistics, it's much more than loading and driving trucks. There is a large practical element for people who want a hands-on job but also many coordination and management opportunities," said Rayleen.

"Supply chain is typically a male-dominated industry but is a very supportive work environment, and there is so much opportunity for women to develop a successful career and create a good work/life balance."

Rayleen is now managing a large trucking contract and completing a Diploma in Logistics and hopes her experience will encourage more women into the supply chain industry.

"The skills I gained at TAFE NSW have made all the difference in helping me get ahead in my career, and I use them in my job every day. My teacher's experience helped me explore the available job roles and supported me in applying for my current position," said Rayleen.

"There are also different study options at TAFE NSW to help you manage work and family while gaining the skills you need to grow your career."

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