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TAFE NSW helps Elyse run her business with laser focus


TAFE NSW helps Elyse run her business with laser focus

For many men, talking about their skincare regime or visiting skin clinic is not a topic discussed over a drink at the local, and for the men who do visit one walking into a predominately-female space can be daunting. So when Elyse Sinclair was working in a beauty clinic, she saw a gap in the market and decided to open a male exclusive skin laser clinic called Men’s Den Australia in Bella Vista.

“I previously worked for one of the major skin laser franchises and I noticed that many of the male clients who would come in for appointments would be sitting in the waiting room feeling nervous and jittery, so I opened Men’s Den Australia,” said Elyse Sinclair.

“We’ve been open since February 2018 and I felt that I needed to gain some business skills to help me run the clinic better, which is why I enrolled in the Diploma of Business at TAFE NSW Nepean.

“The course has really helped me with learning those extra things like management and planning. Since I started the course, I have been able to implement new strategies that I learnt in class. Even small things like structuring meetings and setting an agenda. The course has definitely given me the skills and a more formal and effective way of getting things done and to help me be a better leader.”

Elyse is also putting her business knowledge and training to a good cause with her class of Diploma of Business students organising a trivia night to raise funds for The Haven – Nepean Women’s Shelter which will be held on Friday 24 May at Glenmore Park Community Hall.

Located in Penrith, The Haven provides crisis accommodation and support for women and their children who are at risk of homelessness or are experiencing domestic violence to rebuild their lives with dignity.

“It’s such a great cause and whenever we have someone from The Haven meet with us, everyone in the class is really moved by what it does and it’s really nice to be able to help them. All of my classmates have full-time jobs but we’re putting in 110 per cent to make sure that it’s a really successful event.”

For Elyse, studying at TAFE NSW has been not only helped her with giving her some skills to help her get ahead, but it has also been a place where she has been able to network and learn from her classmates.

“I definitely think studying at TAFE NSW is beneficial, especially if you have a skills gap like I did and need to gain some more experience. Everyone in the class is in a different situation, its great being able to pick up so much external knowledge and learn from each other.

“TAFE NSW teachers have a great style of teaching, coming to class is very inviting as my teacher is very supportive and wants us to do well. I’ve never had the same level of attention at other places I’ve studied.”

The Diploma of Business can be studied at TAFE NSW or as online via TAFE Digital. For more information visit or call 131 601. 

Media contact: Teresa Lane, TAFE NSW Media and Communications Business Partner 9796 5476, mobile 0412 773 887