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TAFE NSW helps Liverpool migrant into work she loves 


TAFE NSW helps Liverpool migrant into work she loves 

Former high-school teacher, mother of two, and Liverpool local Sana Gul took a chance during the COVID pandemic to get local qualifications and land her first education role in Australia, and now she's encouraging others to do the same.

Sana graduated last semester with Certificate IV in Education Support and now she's back in her industry while the outlook for employment in Education and Training is strong. It's projected to grow by 13.4% over the five years to November 2026 creating employment opportunities across the state.

After moving from Pakistan four years ago Sana said her TAFE NSW Education Support courses gave her practical skills and self-confidence to make a flying start in Australia, landing a role at a local high school.

“I was a high-school chemistry teacher in my country. I already have my master’s in chemistry and my teaching degree from there. And getting qualified in Australia at TAFE NSW is time effective. So that's why this pathway is perfect,” Sana Gul said.

Sana faced an up-hill start when she moved to Australia, with two young children, ill health in her family, and a desire to find fulfilling local work—all compounded by the COVID pandemic.

“I love teaching. However, before this course I was finding it hard to understand how to secure work in my field here. But this course gave me so much confidence,” Sana Gul said.

In early 2020 her English teacher at a local library encouraged her to consider TAFE NSW as a path back into teaching. Sana investigated TAFE NSW courses, and realised there was a pathway that wouldn’t take several years.

“I did my certificate III at TAFE NSW Miller during COVID; so it was all virtual. With my two kids, it turned out to be much easier for me to complete that course,” Sana Gul said.

“Sharon Crowther, my TAFE teacher—she's a very nice person—when certificate IV started, she sent me an email asking me if I wanted to do it; I was so happy. I just told myself: I’m teaching at high school again.”

“If someone wants to do something at TAFE NSW, there's so many places they can go to find out about it: a library, online, and from the other resources. They also have the pathway advisor, and there's a number of community sources,” Sana Gul said.

TAFE NSW teacher Sharon Crowther worked with Sana throughout her courses, and said it is great to see students enter the workforce job ready, into work they love with help from TAFE NSW. 

“TAFE NSW gives students in-demand skills developed with industry consultation, helping meet the supply demands of the labour market, and training people to find the work they want,” Sharon Crowther said.

Media contact: Reuben Fourt-Wells, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist,, 02 7920 5000.