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TAFE NSW Liverpool has been the study home for 23 Danish students for the past month as part of a study partnership with the International Business College (IBC) Denmark.

For over 10 years, IBC Denmark has been sending its students to TAFE NSW Liverpool to afford them the opportunity to upgrade and complement their studies under a customized six-week program. The intensive course includes Australian Studies, Marketing, Economics and English.

Nineteen-year-old Hans Henrik Matthiesen said “It’s been a great study tour, the TAFE NSW teachers are really nice and very down to earth.”

“I’m really enjoying studying here, I’d definitely recommend it to other Danish students, we get to learn things from the Australian perspective, and it’s a new way of thinking for us. We’re also learning by doing a lot of real world examples such as how to import and export a product from Australia.”

For 20-year-old Sisse Juul the multiculturalism of Australia has been one of the most interesting aspects of the study tour.

“It’s quite exciting, it’s fun to try and learn something new, and we’re getting the same information we would in Denmark but with a whole new viewpoint. Learning from the Australian perspective is very different; we have to remember that Australia is a multicultural society so you have to think bigger than what you do in Denmark.

Studying abroad can be daunting for many students; the IBC Denmark students are given the opportunity to do three overseas study placements throughout their course including Germany, China and Australia.

When asked about studying in Demark compared to the Australia, the students said there were some similarities but there were also quite a few differences.

“Compared to IBC, the lessons are longer and you have more time to get into the subject, you don’t have to rush through them like you do at home. At home we get a lot of worksheets, here we get a business case and it’s a more involved process,” said Sisse Juul.

Twenty one year old Jonas Ebbesen has enjoyed the experience and the different types of technology and the learning environment, “The classrooms are really modern, everything is up to date, and the fun thing is the glass wall that teachers can write on. The location of TAFE NSW Liverpool is also great, because the weather is so nice we can go outside and study and still be close enough if we need help from our teachers.”

Upon graduating, Hans Henrik said “I think I might take a gap year and do a working holiday, possibly come back to Australia.”

For Sisse Juul the study tour has opened her eyes to multiculturalism “Australians are very down to earth and can talk to strangers, Danes are not like that, we don’t talk to people we don’t know if we’re at the football or a concert. The study tour has allowed me to experience a different culture and way of life, I have gotten out of my comfort zone, and it is something I would definitely recommend.

“When I graduate I hope to travel to Asia to do further study and make a life there. I want to experience cultures all over the world and studying in Australia has given me the confidence to do that.”

Jonas also hopes to join the Danish Royal Guard once he graduates then take a gap year to do some volunteer work or study, being fluent in five languages – Danish, English, Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish means there are endless possibilities for him.

The trio are enjoying their remaining time in Australia, making the most of the days off by enjoying trips to Bondi and the warm autumn weather. They are also trying as many different foods as possible and although they have tried Vegemite, their feelings about it are mixed.

“We like the Aussie pizza with the fried egg, that’s something different!” said Hans Henrik.

Media contact: Teresa Lane, TAFE NSW Media and Communications Business Partner 9796 5476, mobile 0412 773 887