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TAFE NSW prepares future podcasters for success in a thriving industry


TAFE NSW prepares future podcasters for success in a thriving industry

Financial educator Jenny Rolfe has launched her podcast following training with TAFE NSW

The Australian podcast industry is experiencing a surge in popularity, with nearly one in five Australians tuning in to podcasts every month, as reported by 2023 Roy Morgan research. The data shows almost 4 million Australians now download podcasts in an average four weeks, up by 13.1 per cent from 2022.


As the demand for podcasters and audio producers continues to rise, TAFE NSW is offering an Introduction to Podcasting course, preparing aspiring podcasters for success. The short course equips students with the fundamental skills of planning, editing, and interviewing so they can launch their own podcast.


Among the participants is Jenny Rolfe-Wallace, 54, a local Wagga Wagga financial educator who recently launched her podcast: It’s Not About The Money, Australia.


“Enrolling in the Introduction to Podcasting course at TAFE NSW provided me with an opportunity to push myself and achieve something I've always wanted to,” Ms Rolfe-Wallace said.


“I’m now studying Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Radio and Mobile Journalism) online via TAFE NSW to further expand my skills. The TAFE teachers have supported me the whole time and encouraged me to achieve my goal by launching my podcast last month. If I can do it, anybody can!”


Ms Rolfe-Wallace, the founder of Sprout Education Group, originally hoped to write a book about women and finances from a feminist perspective. After sustaining a brain injury in late 2019, writing proved to be too difficult so she shifted her focus to podcasting to reach her audience.


“The podcast delves into why Australian women are more likely to experience lower levels of financial wellbeing, dispelling myths and advocating for systemic solutions to create a nation where gender doesn’t determine financial outcomes,” Ms Rolfe-Wallace explains.


“So far, I’ve been able to create 12 episodes and there’s been 575 downloads. This is a huge achievement for me as just to make these important conversations accessible is fantastic.  I’ve been able to speak to a range of guests such as Ana Kresina, author of ‘Kids Ain't Cheap’, and Julie Kun, an expert in financial wellbeing and financial abuse.”


Head Teacher of Media at TAFE NSW Jessica Micallef said the exponential growth of the podcasting industry is providing many opportunities for employment.


"As Australian radio stations and media companies expand their podcast channels, the demand for skilled podcast producers is also on the rise,” Ms Micallef said.“TAFE NSW offers practical experience and specialist skills development in radio and podcasting, preparing students for various roles such as presenters, producers, editors, or broadcasters.

"The Introduction to Podcasting course serves as a precursor to the Certificate IV in Screen and Media, guiding students towards rewarding careers in the industry. Students participate in the course online or in person so it’s a very accessible course. Students range from career changers to school leavers from a variety of backgrounds and locations across NSW. Many of our students go on to work in radio or podcasting or launch their own podcasts.”


To find out more about the variety of Screen and Media courses on offer at TAFE NSW visit or call 131 601.