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TAFE NSW students caring for the land

TAFE NSW Wauchope

TAFE NSW students caring for the land

TAFE NSW students on site

TAFE NSW Wauchope Certificate III Conservation Land Management students have been getting their hands dirty working alongside Hastings Landcare to rejuvenate bush land of the Mid North Coast.

TAFE NSW and Hastings Landcare have joined forces in a series of working bees to regenerate a number of areas in and around the Mid North Coast. Students have had the opportunity to work on coastal revegetation projects, planting trees for koalas and biodiversity, which include Swamp Mahogany, River Red Gum and Tallowwood.

Students have also had exposure to weed control, working on removing invasive species including Bitou Bush, Lantana and Asparagus weed.

Stephen Allwood, the local co-ordinator for Hastings Landcare says the students are a great help to the organisation.

“The TAFE NSW students are fantastic, because they have knowledge in the field and practical experience with their studies, they do an area a lot quicker than volunteers, putting the Landcare group miles ahead with what we are planting.”

TAFE NSW Horticulture Teacher, Chris Thiering said the best way to learn is to do.

“We are giving students real-life experience and a try at what a day in the life is upon graduation. It’s incredible the variety of native species and obnoxious weeds in the Wauchope area and it’s a bonus to see the land improving while the students are gaining experience.

“The Certificate III Conservation Land Management can also be studied online, when and where it suits students, via TAFE Digital.”

TAFE NSW student, Rory Thoms, says he loves studying the certificate because it’s all hands on.

“Learning with TAFE NSW is great, you’re in the class room once a fortnight and the rest of the time you are outside, amongst it, doing and learning. Being in the field is the best way to retain information.

Because of past qualification’s Rory had undertaken with TAFE NSW in Horticulture, he only needed to complete four units to complete his Certificate in Land Conservation Management, however he decided to stay on all course.

“You don’t get experience like that anywhere else, learning with TAFE NSW is great.”

Mr Allwood encourages anyone who is interested in a career in conservation management to pursue it.

“It’s a really worthwhile career, you know you are making a difference.”

For more detail on TAFE NSW courses, face-to-face or online, visit or call 131 601.