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TAFE NSW training workforce in Hollywood's premiere graphics platform

TAFE NSW Coffs Harbour

TAFE NSW training workforce in Hollywood's premiere graphics platform

TAFE NSW is working with production companies to upskill their employees in graphics platform - Unreal Engine, a world-leading and highly regarded graphics platform used to build games, animation and virtual realities, including online game Fortnite and The Mandalorian series, from the Star Wars franchise. 

As one of only four Unreal Authorised Instructors in Australia, TAFE NSW Information Technology Teacher, Jon McMillan, works with production company, Cheeky Little, on a job readiness program, through funding from Training Services NSW.

The program trains potential candidates looking to enter the workforce in Unreal Engine animation features, including storyboarding, look development, editing, lighting, dressing, rendering and quality control.

“The technology we are using in the gaming and animation industry is literally changing every day,” Jon said.

“As educators, it is our job to ensure graduates have the skills they need to use platforms like Unreal Engine because that is what industry is using and they expect their new hires to be up to speed.” 

Production company Cheeky Little’s Technical Director, Liam O’Leary, says the TAFE NSW training ensures there is a strong talent pool of skilled applicants ready to work on projects, as Cheeky Little’s UE capacity expands.  

“We have a vested interest in flooding the market with people who know how to use this software,” he said. 

“Almost all of the animated computer graphics series and features that we have in development are slated to be produced in Unreal Engine, so we’re likely to be in a position where we may need to hire more crews quickly – and we need them to have the right skills for longform animation.”

“Initiatives like this show that TAFE NSW is a responsive and forward-thinking educational institution, and we highly value this relationship.” 

TAFE NSW Industry Innovation Specialist Steve Bull says the program demonstrates the importance of working with industry to develop training solutions.

“We knew through our discussions with industry that the need had been identified for workers to have skills in this area - and within a month the course was ready to be delivered,” he said.

Training Services NSW Manager Workforce Development Peter O’Doherty said they are pleased to support this initiative. 

“The Unreal Engine training program is aimed at empowering young people and equipping them with the necessary skills to enter the creative industry.”


Media contact: Lauren McAllister, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist,, 0432 929 941.