A & T - Financial Incentives - Intro

Financial incentives and benefits for apprentices and trainees

Discover the benefits and incentives you may be eligible for as an Apprentice or Trainee.

This list indicates the value of the incentives and benefits you may be eligible for as an apprentice or trainee. It is a guide only. Payment of incentives and benefits will be subject to employers and their apprentices or trainees satisfying the eligibility criteria.


A & T - Financial Incentives - Incentive List

Transport Concession Entitlement Card and Opal Concession Card

Concession card for transport and wherever concessions are accepted. Apply for Opal Concession Card after Transport Concession Entitlement Card has been issued. Both cards must be carried.

Vehicle Registration Rebate

A rebate may be available to assist with the cost of registering your vehicle in the 1st and 2nd year of your apprenticeship. Note: 3rd and 4th year apprentices and trainees are not eligible for the rebate.

Services Australia - Financial Support

ABSTUDY – A group of payments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apprentices or trainees.
Austudy – Financial support if you are aged 25 years of age or older and an apprentice or trainee.
Youth Allowance – Financial assistance if you are 16 to 24 years of age and undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Trade Support Loans (TSLs)

Are available to eligible Australian Apprentices or trainees to assist with everyday costs while completing your apprenticeship or traineeship. You can currently receive up to $24,492 over the course of your apprenticeship or traineeship. TSLs are an interest-free government funded loan that is paid in monthly instalments for up to six months at a time. Your debt is indexed annually and you will get a 20 per cent discount on your debt when you have successfully completed your apprenticeship or traineeship.

New Energy Apprenticeships Program

New Energy Apprentices commencing from 1 January 2023 are eligible to receive up to $10,000 during their Australian Apprenticeship and work with an industry mentor from July 2023. The New Energy Apprenticeships Program is available to Australian Apprentices working in the clean energy sector. Up to 40 occupations are eligible and listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List.

Support for Women in Trades

Additional support is available for women who commence in eligible trade occupations on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List. Eligible Australian Apprentices will have increased access to comprehensive wraparound support. This includes personalised advice and information on career options and apprenticeship pathways, pastoral care, career and industry mentoring, access to professional networks and entrepreneurship training.

Assistance for Australian Apprentices with Disability

Additional support for off-the-job training is available to Australian Apprentices with a disability including if you are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and are experiencing difficulty.

Australian Apprentice Training Support Payment

Provides up to two years of direct financial assistance for Australian Apprentices undertaking a Certificate III level or above qualification in an occupation listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List.

Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)

You may be eligible for LAFHA if you have to move away from your parents’ or guardians’ home in order to start or remain in an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Fair Work Ombudsman Allowances, penalty rates & other payments

Employees may be entitled to a higher pay rate for working at particular times of the day or on certain days of the week.

Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS)

Financial assistance is available to Apprentices or new entrant trainees who are required to travel more than 120 km round trip to attend day or block release training.

Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Placement Scheme (CAPS)

Financial assistance is available to unemployed apprentices that are required to relocate more than 60 km in order to continue their apprenticeship with a new employer.

Bunnings Trade PowerPass Apprentice

Apprentices don't need to wait to be qualified to benefit from a PowerPass membership. Apprentices can access the benefits of a Standard membership without an ABN. To apply you will simply need to upload your Apprentice registration number and documentation in the application.