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From the annuities to accruals, where there is money to be made, balanced, saved or invested there will always be accountants.

Be in demand

With a consistently low unemployment rate and employment set to increase over the next five years, accounting is an in-demand industry.

As long as businesses and individuals are interested in minimizing expenses and documenting business transactions correctly and honestly, the work of accountants will always be in demand. Accountants are much more than just "bean counters", they're essential allies for helping to guide people through the complex and ever-changing world of tax and finance.

Be flexible

As an accountant you can work anywhere – there are even opportunities to go global. You could choose to work in a large firm, in a non-profit, for the government or start your own business. There are few other professions that allow you this flexibility.

There is also room for growth and specialisation in this field, with many accountants developing skills in areas such as auditing, risk management and assurance service.

One thing is certain, when you choose a career in accounting you can shape your career into whatever you want it to be.

Be an expert

How many people do you trust with your bank and financial details? Possibly only your accountant? That's because they are trusted financial experts. They help us navigate through financial waters and often save us from drowning in debt and paperwork.

Anyone who has a box of receipts at the end of the financial year knows that they can take the most basic of financial information and make sense of it. No mean feat!

When you become an accountant your expert knowledge and ability to use your logic will help people secure their financial future – this is why the accounting industry is regarded so highly as a profession.

Be qualified

If you are still in high school you can actually begin your accounting studies through the TVET program. TVET stands for "TAFE-delivered vocational education and training" and Business Services (which includes accounting) is one of the subject you can choose. Studying a TVET subject is a great way to get a head start for your future career (or work out if you like it or not!)

You could use Business Services towards your 10 units for the HSC and when you successfully complete the course you'll be awarded certificate qualification or statement of attainment, which is nationally accredited and recognised. Speak to your school's career advisor or visit our   TVET page.

If you're just starting on your career journey, the Certificate IV in Accounting is the course for you. The certificate course has no entry requirement and can be a good pathway to other accounting courses, such as the degree, diploma and advanced diploma. The Certificate IV is also available through TAFE Digital, our online platform.

For those of you who know that accountancy is the right fit, why not get your degree with TAFE. We offer a three year degree, the Bachelor of Applied Commerce and Diploma of Applied Commerce, where you can major in accounting or financial planning - or both!

Be challenged

We all like a challenge. Given that young people are expected to change occupations many times throughout their careers, an industry that provides opportunities for growth and continual learning is a bonus. Legislative requirements, tax reform, compliance and new rules and regulations ensure that you'll always be learning.

Move up in the profession and become a chief financial officer or start your own business.

No matter what twists and turns your life takes you, training as an accountant is one way of ensuring you'll always have a valuable skillset to fall back on. Whether it's personal finances, small businesses or large multinational companies, "balancing the books" is something that's never going to go out of fashion.

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