Communicating your way to success

Practically focused TAFE courses devote a lot of time to teaching students how to communicate efficiently with those they will be coming into contact with

When it comes to job ads, there are very few that don't specify in some way that applicants must be good communicators. In the modern knowledge economy, the ability to communicate your vision to others is essential to success.

Communication essentials for every career

Even students who are going into ‘blue collar' jobs increasingly need to have good oral and written communication skills. For example, while it might not be immediately obvious that an electrician needs to express him or herself well, the reality is that their business will suffer if they can't communicate effectively with clients. And in a worst-case scenario, if a tradie doesn't make themselves understood when pointing out a building site hazard, the consequences can even be life threatening.

Communication skills through study

Today's leading teaching methods, class activities and assignments are designed in a way that encourages students to develop their ability to interact with others. And for those who undertake work experience, there's also the chance to learn how to engage in constructive dialogue with others in a ‘real world' workplace. Even those enrolled in online courses get the chance to develop their communication skills through phone calls with teachers and participating in online discussions with other students.

Learning the importance of communication with TAFE

The approach differs depending on the field of study, but practically focused TAFE courses devote a lot of time to teaching students how to communicate efficiently with those they will be coming into contact with. Those studying childcare are taught strategies for relating to small children, those doing counselling courses are instructed in how to interact appropriately with clients and those enrolled in business or management programs learn how to talk to staff or employees in a way that is clear, concise and motivating.

TAFE also has a range of courses specifically devoted to developing communication skills in a particular area. If you're interested in improving your skills in anything from constructing résumés to writing newspaper articles to improving your English, you can find a course that meets your needs at TAFE NSW.