Flexible fitness study

Do you want to kick-start a career in fitness, but aren't sure about signing up to study because you're worried it will take too long, or that you won't be able to fit study around your lifestyle and commitments? 

You want flexibility to study at your own pace, we hear you!


At TAFE NSW Northern Beaches, you can choose to fast track your studies, so that you make your way through your Certificate III or Certificate IV in as little as eight weeks.

"The certificates are each 16-week courses. But we've managed to reduce the time it takes to complete each course, to eight weeks," said James Skeates, Sport, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation Teacher at TAFE NSW Northern Beaches.

"When I say eight-weeks though, that's eight intense weeks of study. It's a lot of work, a lot of assessments and a lot of exams, so you really have to be dedicated and committed to make it through the course that quickly. Some students enjoy this, and it really suits them," he added.

If you have a lot of free time, a fierce determination and a desire to blaze through your study, you could also potentially complete both your Certificate III and Certificate IV courses at TAFE NSW Northern Beaches in just six months!


If you have lots of commitments however, you can choose to take 16-weeks to complete your course allowing you more time to fit study around your life.

"People who want to take a bit more time, can choose to do each course over 16-weeks. For example, they might attend the first eight weeks of classes, and then do their assignments and hand them in over the next eight weeks," said Skeates.

Tailored programs

If you need to plough through your studies, or take things a bit slower, we can help.

"We can tailor programs for people who are keen to finish early, and those who need things a bit slower to fit around work and their lifestyle," Skeates said.

No excuses!

If you want to work in fitness but need flexibility, we can give that to you. So what are you waiting for! Be ambitious, apply for study and kick-start the fitness career you've been dreaming of!

If you have any questions, please contact us on 131 601. If you prefer email, you can send your questions to