Get a job quicker with TAFE NSW

If you are on the hunt for a job, then TAFE NSW can get you there quicker than going to university. It's true!

According to statistics, a whopping 86% TAFE NSW graduates gain employment within just six months of graduating!

If that wasn't enough to get you started, research by Skilling Foundation Australia suggests that you can earn more as a fresh TAFE NSW graduate than as a university graduate!

How TAFE NSW gets you job ready

You will get prepared for work while you study in a number of ways…

Hands-on qualifications

Our courses are designed to give you practical experience. You will learn how to do the job, not just learn the theory of the job.

World-class facilities

If you are studying a hands-on course like fitness, nursing, film, cookery, art or agriculture you learn in classrooms that simulate real-world working environments.

This means you get to work in state-of-the-art gyms, commercial kitchens, wards, film and sound studios and farms, giving you an insiders understanding of the working world before you even set foot in a job!

Industry experts

Make use of your teachers' years of professional industry experience by asking questions, getting career advice and learning from people who have been there and done that (and are still working in the industry)!

On-the-job experience

Many of our courses feature work placement. This means that you get to apply your learning directly to a workplace, and make industry connections before you even graduate!

Counselling and career development

Drop into your TAFE NSW counsellor's office and make an appointment for some career counselling. In your appointment, you can get help to clarify your career goals, plan your career path and next steps, and get help to create your resume. You can even work on perfecting your interview skills.

There's no limit of the amount of times you can get career coaching with a TAFE NSW counsellor, so make the most of the opportunity!

Industry connections

You have the chance to network with employers and businesses that partner with TAFE NSW looking for potential employees just like you!

In fact, every year hundreds of businesses choose to partner with us, from small businesses right through to multinationals – to provide students with specialised training, networking opportunities and career development.

Be Ambitious: Go to TAFE NSW

If you want to get the qualifications, skills, knowledge and connections you need to walk right into work, or to change careers, or get that promotion you've been eyeing off, check out our range of over 1,200 courses here.