Healthy job prospects

Around one in 10 Australian workers are employed directly or indirectly in the health industry

Lots of Australians are employed in the health sector and, with an ageing population, employment opportunities are only going to grow in coming years. While people tend to think of very highly trained workers, such as emergency room doctors, when considering health careers, there are loads of opportunities available for people with all levels of qualifications.

Level-one positions

If you didn't finish high school or only have a Certificate I or II qualification, you can still become an aged care worker, personal care worker, special care worker, therapy aide, dispensary technician, counsellor or clinical coder. TAFE NSW has a variety of courses in aged and special care, as well as counselling.

Level-two positions

If you have a skill level equivalent to Certificate III or IV, as well as qualifying for level-one occupations, you could also become a herbalist, OHS officer, operating theatre technician, fitness instructor, dental assistant, aromatherapist, anaesthetic technician or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker. TAFE NSW offers courses in herbal medicine, occupational health and safety, operating theatre technical support, fitness, dental assisting, aromatherapy, anaesthetic technology and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care.

Level-three positions

This covers those who have a level of skill equal to a diploma or advanced diploma from TAFE, a registered training organisation or university. TAFE offers the type of qualifications that can prepare you for work as a massage therapist, medical lab technician, paramedic, enrolled nurse, diversional therapist or disabilities services instructor.

Level-four positions

If you want a level four health job, such as being an anaesthetist, chiropractor, dentist, GP, surgeon, psychologist, psychiatrist, pharmacist or osteopath, you will more often than not need to do at least a bachelor's degree at university. Nonetheless, there are a number of level-four positions, such as environmental health officer, that TAFE NSW courses can prepare you for.

Around one in 10 Australian workers are employed directly or indirectly in the health industry and if health is something that interests you, there are literally hundreds of different careers available.