It's easy being green!

TAFE NSW is increasingly running ‘green' courses that focus on the use of energy-efficient and water-saving technologies

From San Diego to Shanghai to Sydney, the whole world is transitioning to a low-carbon future. But what does that mean in term of jobs?

Green careers

Any job that contributes to the creation of a more sustainable world can be classified as ‘green'. You don't have to be a national park ranger to have a green career – in fact, you can work in just about any industry and be doing a green job if you're involved in maximising energy efficiencies, creating renewable energy, conserving water or reducing waste. Even jobs that have been around since before anyone was worried about preserving the planet – such as plumbing – have now got with the program.

TAFE NSW is increasingly running ‘green' courses that focus on the use of energy-efficient and water-saving technologies. In fact, under the Green Skills Agreement, any trade's apprentices who started their training from 2011 onwards must possess a core set of skills and knowledge in sustainable principles and practices in order to graduate.

There are also lots of new jobs being created in everything from servicing electric cars to running wind farms. And, just like any other workers, those in green jobs need back-office support from HR managers, bookkeepers and office admin staff, who can do their bit for the planet by assisting those on the front line.

What green career is right for you?

Almost any career can be green (or at least made greener) if approached in the right way. So whether you're looking to pursue a traditional career or get a job in an area such as bush regeneration, land management, carbon accounting, permaculture, renewable energy installation or sustainability analysis, TAFE NSW has a wide range of courses that can teach you how to go about your work in a way that helps rather than harms the planet.

If the large majority of climate scientists are correct, the world is approaching a climate tipping point that means business can no longer go on as usual. By pursuing a green career, you're doing something to help fix the problem and also preparing yourself for what are likely to be major changes in the way industries function in the not too distant future.