How to get a job in hospitality

Welcome to the latest is our Be Ambitious series. Today we're looking at the colourful world of hospitality, an industry that's built largely around people's leisure and holiday-making activities.

What does 'hospitality' cover?

Hospitality is an area that covers an enormous number of different roles and workplaces. It can include frontline roles such as a hotel concierge, bartender or waiter. Or it can be managerial positions such as hotel duty manager or housekeeping supervisor. Either way, it's a fast-paced, exciting industry that's built predominantly around people's leisure activities and holiday-making. Small wonder, then, that it has such enduring appeal for anyone who enjoys working with people.

Is it the career for you?

If the idea of working in the hospitality industry appeals to you, there are a couple of personal qualities that will make this career path an ideal fit. Chiefly among these is an enjoyment of working with and serving a diverse range of people. Other qualities are the ability to multitask, good time management and attention to detail, some degree of physical fitness (you'll probably be spending a lot of time on your feet) and good personal presentation. Oh, and discretion. No gossiping about customers' personal lives or divulging of trade secrets. A great smile won't go astray either.

Where to start?

As this is a very popular and competitive industry, it's also a good idea to have some formal qualifications under your belt. TAFE NSW's Certificate III in Hospitality is an ideal starting point for anyone entering the industry. This qualification has no entry requirements and is a popular pathway for higher level qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Hospitality, which is designed for people already working in the industry and who wish to upskill. The Certificate IV is also available through TAFE NSW Online flexible delivery.

[quote]The hospitality industry is one of those areas where there's "never a dull moment".[/quote]

You could be working as front-of-house staff in a theatre while the musical strains of a Wicked performance ring out in the background. Or you could be behind a rooftop bar mixing cocktails for society's thirsty and glamorous while the city lights twinkle at your feet. Sure beats a regular ol' nine to five office job.

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