TAFE NSW: Creating opportunities for the next generation

As part of our vision to skill the workforce of the future, TAFE NSW is proud to announce that we are partnering with Deloitte to conduct the NSW Youth Barometer.

This extensive research project is designed to improve awareness and create better pathways for students transitioning from secondary school to tertiary studies, and into the workforce.

TAFE NSW helps students get jobs today and careers for the future, but to properly prepare students to become fully qualified members of tomorrow’s workforce, we need to have a greater understanding of the youth of today, and their plans for the future.

Students in the spotlight

Historically, research on job growth has been entirely focussed on the employer’s side of the equation, and has overlooked the point of view of the younger, emerging workforce. However, the NSW Youth Barometer will engage with the next generation to outline their aspirations, perceptions and the influences on young people’s career decisions.

The project aims to discover how students in NSW are planning for their futures and how they view their prospects. As the largest education and training provider in the state with the greatest range of courses from Certificate III to Degrees, TAFE NSW is keen to consult directly with high school students in Years 9-12, and actively involve them in influencing policy that affects youth affairs, their transition from secondary school, to tertiary studies, and into the ‘world of work’.

Building better pathways

Once we analyse the results, TAFE NSW will look to implement steps to take advantage of opportunities, and address any areas in need of improvement. TAFE NSW will then be better positioned to help change the way studies are driven, and how courses are delivered, particularly for the young people of NSW, giving them the best opportunities to help them reach their goals.

Getting involved

The more students we can get to participate in the Youth Barometer, the more accurate our results will be. This will help TAFE NSW paint a much clearer picture, and put us in the best possible position to implement the educational and training needs of today’s students, so they can become a happy and fulfilled workforce or tomorrow. TAFE NSW wants to help students be whatever they want to be - but first we need to know what it is that they want to be.

Individual links will be sent to schools across NSW starting August 1st, if you, as a year 9, 10, 11 or 12 student are interested please speak to your teachers about when you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard.