TAFE Teacher to deliver VET masterclass in Korea

Jillian Pennisi, Management educator from Orange College is on her way to South Korea to deliver a five-day assessment masterclass to 14 industry experts at South Korea’s University of Technology and Education.

The masterclass will equip the local VET sector with the knowledge and skills to successfully deliver and assess to Australian standards in the Vocational Education Training (VET) environment.

“The Republic of Korea’s VET system is undergoing significant change, so to be able to go over there and demonstrate how we do things at TAFE NSW is very exciting and a great opportunity for me to enhance my teaching skills,” Ms Pennisi said.

“The program focuses on competency-based approaches, principles of assessment, rules of evidence and the assessor role within VET.”

“These type of masterclasses have the potential to allow everyone involved to continuously learn and develop their skills for many years to come.”

TAFE NSW Regional General Manager Kate Baxter was delighted the organisation continues to develop exciting partnerships with some of the best VET providers from around the world, including China, South Korea and India.

“I believe this demonstrates that TAFE NSW and our industry-leading teaching practices are highly regarded, and highly sought after all over the world,” she said.

The masterclass is running from 7- 11 August. Wishing Jillian all the best on this exciting opportunity.