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Building a sustainable future

Two student engineers share everything, including a passion for renewable energy.

Building a sustainable future

Peter is in the checked shirt; Paul is in the denim jacket

Sharing success

Paul and Peter Birgen share a home country, parents, a birthday, looks, and now their studies - both are studying engineering, focusing on renewable energy technologies.

The identical twins moved to Australia from Kenya in March and immediately jumped into the Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies)

The next Tesla

Paul has his eye on a career in mechatronics, and says he's going to become the next Nikola Tesla of the world.

"As a kid, I used to like playing with electricity and wanted to be an inventor, and that has continued," says Paul.

“Can you imagine having the ability to build something amazing, something awe-inspiring? The sky’s the limit and education is the foundation, and TAFE NSW is pretty damn cool.

“The teachers are so great, so knowledgeable and really passionate. They have a way of keeping things real, of explaining how what we’re learning applies in real life and giving examples of projects in Australia, Africa and beyond. It helps make the theory side of things much easier to understand."

Support is the key

Peter and Paul feel well supported and are going from strength to strength. And they just love Australia.

“I am getting a lot of support from the teachers," says Peter. "They take their time and are happy to answer questions. It’s very hands-on study, which I like. It helps me adapt. I’ve only just completed the first semester but have already learned a lot and it’s been very helpful to have my brother alongside me through this journey.

"I have not been let down at all - studying here has been lovely."

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