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How does online study work?

Simple interfaces, VR and AR simulation and 'real' skills mean online study through TAFE NSW really works. Let's explore real examples?

How does online study work?

The flexibility of online study is well known. But so are the challenges. Let's look at how that works in the 'real' world.


Online study and work

Sereen chose to study a Early Childhood Education online with TAFE Digital while working at the Calamvale Early Learning Centre. She says it allowed her to apply interactive learning techniques in her lesson planning. 

“I chose TAFE Digital because of the flexibility I had in completing assessments within certain time-frames,” says Sereen. “It enabled me to schedule my workload around a hectic work and social lifestyle, which I try to keep balanced.”


Study in your own time

Study when it suits you. TAFE Digital education and support services are available 24/7 so you can adapt study around your work, family and lifestyle. Start, stop and resume modules as life dictates. You may be able to access all the support services that all on-campus TAFE NSW.

Studying 24/7 for real 

Serena decided to formalise her qualifications after taking on a library assistant position at a university.

She says that TAFE Digital provided her with the best and most convenient options. TAFE Digital online study options actually did fit in with her lifestyle.

“The flexibility of being able to complete units throughout my university break meant that I was consistently working on my written and my critical-thinking skills,” says Serena.

Study in your own space 

No matter where you live, enjoy easy online access to a wealth of educational resources, exceptional teachers and training. You can study from anywhere with an internet connection – in your backyard or bedroom, on a train or at your local café.

A real-life ‘space’ study 

“As a regional resident and working full-time, it was essential for me to study online,” says Samantha, a TAFE Digital Vet Nursing student.“I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and experienced the teachers were.

“They were quick to respond to any queries and offered valuable advice throughout my studies, particularly regarding clinical pathology units, which I use every day.”

Start anytime, in your time

Structured semesters are a thing of the past. You can begin your online study now with TAFE Digital. Or not, start next month. Or later. Just start your online study.

Studying in Levi’s time

Studying online with TAFE Digital meant Levi could juggle a hectic work, study and healthy lifestyle schedule. 

“Apart from the great support network the teachers offered, I loved the calendar section,” says Levi, who was also working at Honey Australia.

“The option to move my assignments around was fantastic. I was even able to schedule in an overseas holiday and at times completed assignments while still in bed!”

Online study options

TAFE Digital is the largest online education provider in Australia. The inclusive digital environment not only allows easy access to extensive learning resources from across TAFE NSW, but real-time interaction with teachers and fellow students. 

From short courses to Degrees, TAFE Digital offers a huge range of options. And with TAFE Digital support, you can be anywhere, except alone.

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