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5 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn

Employers search for new candidates on LinkedIn, so make sure you can be found. Here are 5 ideas on how a professional network can work for you.

5 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn

1. Build all the foundations of your profile

To get noticed you need to have a strong and complete profile. Make sure you fill in all of the sections. A complete profile drastically increases the chances that recruiters will find you.

Add a great photo. They should be unique but professional.

Write an authentic bio. The bio is your chance to tell employers about your career goals and why they can't live without you. A challenge is to 'stand out' while also be 'found' by using keywords an employer in your industry will be searching for. 

Don’t forget to list your qualifications so employers know you are job-ready.

2. Don't be afraid to connect

Once you’ve created your profile, you can start to build a professional network. This is easier than it sounds. Just connect with your teachers and classmates first because they are your important contacts and referees for the future. Don't be shy: connections are beneficial for all parties.

3. Research your career

Don’t forget to visit the TAFE NSW LinkedIn page. You can see what your fellow TAFE NSW alumni are up to now and how they got there. Take some notes and work out what you need to do to follow the same path.

Join groups and professional networks on LinkedIn so you can stay up to date with news and trends in your industry.

4. Make your URL yours

Ensure your profile's URL isn’t loaded with the ugly numbers that LinkedIn can automatically give you. Edit your profile and you’ll be able to change your URL to something simple, easy and attractive. Set a custom URL and set a course for success.

5. Be active but be professional

‘Being active’ on LinkedIn includes sharing articles, responding to posts or updating your profile with new qualifications and skills. The articles you share say a lot about what kind of employee you are so keep it professional. Employers check your profile when they are considering you for a job. Make sure the articles you share are from reliable sources, your comments are professional and no typos!

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