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George’s higher education in haute couture

Knowing what you want to do is great, but knowing how to refine and perfect your skills is invaluable

George’s higher education in haute couture

Having cut up curtains to sew creations on the sewing machine he had been given for his 11th birthday, George Habibeh knew very early on that he wanted to be a fashion designer. And he knew the steps he had to take to get there.

Taking aim at the career for you

“From a young age, I learned how to alter garments by watching tutorials on YouTube,” says George. “My family have been very supportive and even helped me set up my own workshop at home.”

However, there was only so much George could learn from YouTube and there was only so far he could take his designs in his backyard workshop. When his parents insisted that he have ‘some sort of degree,’ George knew that TAFE NSW offered more than ‘some sort of a degree.’ It offered an amazing sort of a degree from the world-renowned TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio. George also knew that this was the sort of degree that could take his self-taught skills above and beyond!

Uncover a world of opportunities

When George enrolled in the Bachelor of Fashion Design degree at TAFE NSW, he was able to learn first-hand all of the technical skills required to live his dream.

“I loved the atmosphere and the learning environment at TAFE NSW,” George says. “During my time, I’ve secured invaluable hands-on practical experience by travelling to some of the fashion hotspots such as Paris, London, India, China and Hong Kong.”

And George’s real-world TAFE NSW experience went beyond the international trips to hand-pick materials from foreign locales.

In no time, you're on the world stage

As part of the degree, students are also offered an opportunity to present their work before the world at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Australia's premier fashion and lifestyle event, showcasing the nation’s leading designers and brands.

By being one of the six Bachelor of Fashion Design students selected to present their collection as part of the TAFE NSW show at Fashion Week Australia, George became the first student to ever feature haute couture fashion. A feat that was highlighted in the national press coverage that George and his couture collection received.

Since graduating, George has continued to combine fine fabrics from around the world with his talents and ideas, to establish his own luxury brand: George Habibeh, a fashion house that has become synonymous with couture.

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