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Your guide to boosting your career before you have one 

Jack knew the career path he wanted. He just needed a head start. Follow in his footsteps.

Your guide to boosting your career before you have one 

This is not Jack, it's a little kid with big dreams

Jack always knew that he wanted to be an accountant. With help from TAFE NSW, by the time he finished high school he already had a qualification, experience in accounting and was on an accelerated path to his dream career. Here are Jack's footsteps for you to follow.

1. Figure out what TVET is

TAFE NSW 'vocational' training while you are still in school. TVET courses are ‘dual accredited’ courses. That means that your TVET marks count towards your HSC and you get a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification. Most TVET courses also provide credit for further study after school. That means it's a really smart choice for high school students.

Jack says his TVET course opened plenty of doors for him, including landing him his latest job: "The recruitment panel was very impressed with my decision to complete the TVET course Financial Services as part of my HSC in 2018."

2. Do TVET!

Study at TAFE NSW while you’re still at school. You’re already studying anyway. Why not put that time and hard work towards real practical skills, with real industry experts, that will get you a job?

And, it’s a great environment to learn in. 

“I found studying at TAFE NSW wonderful. The learning environment was positive and very encouraging with lots of opportunities to participate in class discussions and learn practical skills," says Jack.

3. Get on-the-job training

TVET courses are great because they combine theory with practical skills. The work placements will give you experience and actual on-the-job experience.

“I knew TAFE NSW would provide me with the practical experience that I was seeking," says Jack.

For Jack, work placement was a great learning tool. And they even offered him a job.

4. Get your foot in the door

The skills that Jack learned from TAFE NSW were about more than accounting. He learned how to prepare job applications, successfully get through interviews and operate in a 'work environment'.

“The practical skills TAFE NSW offers and the collaborative classroom environment really helped me get ready for my work placement and the job interviews that I attended seeking traineeships in accounting,” says Jack.

Jack’s enthusiasm and dedication to his studies prepared him for a new challenge and the next step on a career path: a cadetship with Pitcher Partners Accounting.

5. Get credit for further study

TVET courses are a great pathway to further studies, including a TAFE NSW Bachelor of Applied Commerce and other degrees at TAFE NSW. Now that Jack has secured a cadetship with an accounting firm, he will continue accounting studies part-time.

“My interest is in completing a degree in Commerce or Accounting. I will encourage younger students to take-up TVET courses at TAFE NSW.”


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