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TAFE NSW at School (TVET)

TAFE NSW delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for school students

Get your HSC and a nationally recognised VET qualification - at the same time.

TAFE NSW for school students gives you a head start with work skills that count towards your Higher School Certificate (HSC), may contribute to your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and allow you to be prepared for work, all while you're still at school.

TAFE NSW delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses are courses that you can do through TAFE NSW while you are still at school. They contribute to your Year 11 and 12 Higher School Certificate (HSC) program and have the same unit value as other HSC elective subjects.

The advantage of TVET courses are that you can choose from a greater range of subjects, get hands-on practical training and gain valuable insights into your chosen industry. You will also be studying in an adult learning environment where you can meet students from other schools, who may have the same interests as you.

TVET courses are ‘dual accredited’ which means they count as units of study towards both your HSC and a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification (i.e. a Certificate or Transcript). All TVET subjects contribute towards your HSC units, with some subjects contributing towards your ATAR.

Qualifications gained as a TVET student are recognised by employers and can also lead into further related study at TAFE NSW, other training organisations or university.

For more information on TVET courses, including how to apply, please see: School Courses.

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Whether you’re looking for hands-on, structured, training or the ability to learn in your own place at your own pace, TAFE NSW is here to help you choose the right study option. We know every student has unique needs, that’s why we help combine different learning models and tailor the delivery to suit you.

Please discuss possible options with your Careers Advisor or school VET Coordinator.

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