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The TAFE NSW edge - TAFE vs uni

Who helps you to get jobs easier? Who helps you to earn more money? Who do employers respect more? Which should you consider enrolling in? Which costs more?

The TAFE NSW edge - TAFE vs uni

TAFE or uni?

It’s a question that many people seeking a qualification, have to consider along their journey toward higher education. And it’s a question that many people may be answering incorrectly.

A third of Australians think that university graduates find work more easily than VET graduates. However, the reverence towards university qualifications is not as accurate as people think. The reality is that more TAFE students are employed after their graduation.  Check out the facts.

Employers trust TAFE NSW training

TAFE NSW graduates are more employable and have a higher employment rate than university graduates. 82% of TAFE NSW graduates are employed after training.

The faith that employers have in the trainers is well placed, as all TAFE NSW teachers are industry experts with a passion for their field of expertise, and a desire to share it with the future generations. Future generations of TAFE NSW graduates that are poised to have a large number of job opportunities awaiting them.

According to the federal Department of Employment, between the years 2017 and 2022, the total employment in Australia is projected to grow by 950,000.

The Department projects that fewer than 100,000 of those extra jobs (less than 10%) will be for people who have no post-high school qualifications, and that more than 410,000 of those jobs (43%) will be for people with a bachelor's degree or higher qualification.

That still leaves more than 440,000 of the jobs (47%) for people with the diplomas or certificates (particularly the Certificate IIIs awarded to the trades) that come from institutions like TAFE NSW.

With those 440,00 jobs becoming available over the next few years, that leaves you with the one question you need to ask yourself: ‘Which TAFE NSW course will set me up for the career I want?’

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