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5 reasons to transfer out of uni and into TAFE NSW 

We learn from a teacher and a student, why leaving uni to study at TAFE NSW could work for you. 

5 reasons to transfer out of uni and into TAFE NSW 

Liam always knew he would study IT. So, like many others, he trotted off to uni. Then reality set in and he switched to TAFE NSW.

1. Get real, and do ‘stuff’

At uni, Liam was disappointed when he realised that he would not get much experience doing ‘stuff’ in the first few years of his course. Not silly stuff. Real stuff. Stuff that he was excited about: stuff like coding and building websites. 

“I found I was spending all of my time in lectures and not getting any tangible or practical experience in web development in front of a computer," says Liam. 

It was a simple decision then to make the transfer from university to TAFE NSW.


2. Teachers can be experts and mentors

When you enrol, you'll learn real skills from real experts. Experts like Michael Kirkwood-Smith, who is a web developer, database designer, programmer and business owner as well as a TAFE NSW information and communications technology teacher.

Michael is proud to be skilling the workforce for the future: “Our students are coding and working in front of a computer from day one,” says Michael. “We can ensure they are equipped with the skills that employers desire.”

The support and guidance at TAFE NSW makes it a more ‘personal’ experience.

“I find my teachers to be extremely engaging," says Liam (that's him pictured hard at work in a TAFE NSW 'lecture'). "They are supportive and knowledgeable, which has made me want to continue to further study."



3. Look towards the future

You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to know that information technology is one of the top growth industries, with huge demand for qualified workers in computer systems design.

“As more and more businesses go online, the demand for web developers and programmers continues to grow exponentially,” says Michael.

“More businesses are looking to optimise their content across different platforms, and our students are well equipped to deal with the ever-evolving IT landscape.”


4. It’s just a better bachelor

Be in control and get hands on digital skills, by engaging with new learning experiences that utilise VR, AR, and simulation.

There were tons of benefits from transferring from university to TAFE NSW. Small classes, internships and work experience make a TAFE NSW degree a more personal and more 'real' experience.

TAFE NSW can also be a more cost effective option, with many different TAFE NSW scholarships available.


5. Get an early (and better) entry into your career

With flexible study options to help you fit your learning into your lifestyle, you can tailor your TAFE NSW qualification to suit your needs.

“TAFE NSW is giving me practical experience, which means I’ll be ready for a career much sooner than if I had continued with my degree at university,” says Michael.

Get dynamic, industry specific skills, and get the most out of your study - and your career.

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