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Become in demand and hit the ground running

School-based training with TAFE NSW can help students become job-ready, even before they finish high school.

Become in demand and hit the ground running

Filling skills shortages

Charlotte is one of many high school students doing TAFE NSW school-based traineeships that will assist in filling skills shortages across the health sector.

With research suggesting that ‘aged or disabled carer’ is the occupation likely to experience the highest growth, Charlotte is the kind of worker who will be in demand, now and into the future.

"There are plenty of opportunities if you’re looking to get into aged care or the health sector in general," says Charlotte. "I’m definitely glad I chose this path. What I’m doing will really benefit me going into the next phase of my career."

Practical on-the-job experience

Charlotte is combining her study at TAFE NSW, with one day of work each week at a local hospital.

“I really like my work at the hospital and my TAFE NSW Gosford studies,” says Charlotte.

"It’s so good to be able to bring some joy and energy to older people’s lives. I think I bring positive energy into the hospital and that perhaps makes the patients’ stay seem less serious to them.

"It’s a good place to start my career in the health sector.”

School-based traineeships like Charlotte’s, combine paid work, school and training, can make up part of your HSC and could also count towards your ATAR. Learn more about school-based traineeships.

Pathways to the future

Charlotte is set for a career in nursing. She says she'd like to go on to become a nurse and then perhaps go on to a masters to become a nurse practitioner.

“There are big considerations but also big rewards.”

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