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Aged care workers can be in residential, home or community-based environment using a person-centred approach to support predominantly older people. Workers develop, facilitate and review individualised service plans and delivery using person-centred and strength-based approaches. Caregiving careers are richly rewarding and require a huge range of skills and attributes. TAFE NSW caregiving courses can provide a key to job security in an in-demand area, and a pathway to professions in community services and health.

Enrolled nurses work under the direction or supervision of a registered nurse. They assist in providing preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care. Nursing is one of the most respected, valued and trusted professions. Studying nursing at TAFE NSW can also provide the perfect pathway to registered nursing career study.

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From detour to discovery

Some people say they couldn’t do aged care work but you’re making a difference in people’s lives and that’s amazing. It’s just been so rewarding and it feels very natural.


Disillusioned with high school, Darsi left at the end of Year 11. It wasn’t until she thought about what would make her happy, and rediscovered what she was passionate about, that she decided on Aged Care as a career. She began the Certificate III in Individual Support – Aged Care.

For Darsi, the prospect of emerging from TAFE NSW with a qualification and hands-on experience which almost guaranteed her a job in the field was irresistible.

Darsi says the flexibility of studying with TAFE NSW, and the personal touch from teachers, helped reignite her thirst for learning. After completing practical workplace training, she was offered an assistant in nursing position while she was still studying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TAFE NSW has short courses in a aged care, as well as aged care certificate qualifications in individual support, all designed to help you begin your career working with the elderly. To discover the ideal aged care course for the career you want, contact TAFE NSW today.

The annual salary of an aged care support worker typically ranges from between $40,000 per year to around $60,000. When you earn a qualification that allows you to build your skills and knowledge, and specialise in a particular area of age care, your salary can increase even further.

When you begin an aged care career working with the elderly, you can perform in roles like aged care worker, residential support worker, and care assistant. You can also study further to specialise in community support, disability support, and nursing, or in areas like administration and management. Whatever you decide, TAFE NSW has an aged care course to help kickstart your career.

TAFE NSW has a range of nursing courses and aged care courses, all designed to help you build the skills and knowledge you need to start your career in the nursing sector. Contact TAFE NSW today, to discover the right nursing course for you.

Enrolled nurses and registered nurses perform a lot of the same tasks, however, an enrolled nurse must be supervised at all times. Registered nurses are also involved in admin, and in working as team leaders or unit managers. Becoming an enrolled nurse is often one of the first steps towards becoming a registered nurse.

Enrolled nurses complete a diploma of nursing at a Registered Training Organisation within the VET sector (like TAFE NSW), focussing on a competency based practical work.

Registered nurses complete a bachelor of nursing degree, and focus on a theoretical mindset that enables them to think critically and better assess patient care needs.

Aged care nurses typically work in nursing homes, residential facilities, hospitals or through a home care service, providing health, medical, and quality of life care to the elderly.

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What job opportunities could an aged care and nursing course lead to?

An aged care and nursing course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from looking after the elderly to working as a registered nurse in a high pressure accident and emergency hospital.

Qualifications in aged care and nursing can lead to a job as:

  • a community services officer
  • case manager
  • an aged care team leader
  • home care planner
  • support worker
  • a registered nurse
  • an aged care nurse
  • mental health nurse

The average weekly salary for a registered nurse is $1,289. Whether you're just starting out in your aged care and nursing career, want to gain more qualifications, want to add to your previous experience, or simply want to broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you.

TAFE NSW courses in this area include:

  • Community Services
  • Leisure and Health
  • Ageing Support
  • Individual Support
  • Nursing
  • Health Services Assistance

Australia has an ageing population, with increased demand for aged care and related services. Working with elderly people can be a rewarding, meaningful and important career, helping you to improve the quality of life of our elderly.  

With exciting technological developments and other advances, there are many career options within the aged care industry including careers and pathways related to becoming a registered nurse. It might be a perfect career choice for you – and your first steps could be with TAFE NSW.