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COMFORT ZONE: How food can be a balm for the soul in troubled times

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COMFORT ZONE: How food can be a balm for the soul in troubled times

For some, it’s that feeling of a warm pizza box on your lap; for others, the carb-laden succour of a creamy mashed potato or the sweet sensation of a freshly-baked cookie.

It is always deeply personal and often rooted in childhood, invoking nostalgic memories of family meals around the kitchen table.

On their regular TAFE Buds segment this morning, TAFE NSW cookery queen Sara Morley and ABC Riverina breakfast announcer Sally Bryant urged listeners not to feel guilty about turning to comfort food to soothe the soul in the current uncertain times.

“It’s really about the ‘feels’ of food,” Ms Bryant said. “It’s what makes you happy when things are a bit grim. It really is a balm for the soul.”

Ms Morley said comfort food transcended nutrition or flavour, although it was often characterised by its high carb or calorie count.

“We talk about comfort food that comforts, but it does so much more,” she said.

“Flavour really is an emotion-starter.

“It uplifts, excites and eases the burden.

“It’s in sitting around table with people you love and the conversations you have.”

Ms Morley said comfort food was often food that was “warm, filling and homemade”.

She prepared some of her go-to comfort foods for the segment – a ramen packed with noodles, greens, vegetables, meat and a flavourful broth – and a layered dessert in a parfait glass.

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