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Kaleidoscope of talent on display at TAFE NSW graduate exhibition


Kaleidoscope of talent on display at TAFE NSW graduate exhibition

TAFE NSW interior design students have wowed with their expertly curated exhibition “Kaleidoscope” as part of the Design Centre Enmore graduate show.

Teacher Catherine Whitting said the coordination and execution of the exhibition was the perfect way for the students to showcase their impressive design skills.

“The project is a great opportunity for TAFE NSW interior design students to really put into practice a lot of what they have learnt throughout the year.

“The students were divided into teams who then had to pitch their design and concept for the show, which was voted on and became the theme all students work to for the production of the exhibition.

“This year’s theme was “Kaleidoscope” derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘kalos’ meaning beautiful and ‘eidos’ meaning form, the elements and principles of designing beautiful forms becomes the lens through which students will see as they go out into the world in their new roles.”

The interior design exhibition forms part of the industry-renowned graduate exhibition at the TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore where students have the opportunity to showcase the breadth of their skills to industry and make connections with potential employers.

The unique event brings together the entire Design Centre Enmore for one major exhibition showcasing  the final works and creative outcomes of students in 3D Art and Animation, Concept Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design and Decoration, Jewellery Design and Manufacture and Live Production Design.

Career changer and interior design student Annette Paki decided it was time to get back into the workforce after taking some time off to raise her children.

“I am an artist and a photographer and have always really held a love for home and creating beautiful spaces for other people. I wanted to study interior design and I knew the TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore had a very good reputation in the industry so it seemed to me the best way to bring together all my skills in the one career.

“Developing this exhibition and being able to go from pitching our idea to all working together on the implementation of the theme has been a great experience.

“It’s great working with the TAFE NSW teachers who are already working in industry and can help us make employer connections. We’ve had the benefit of being exposed to all of those great contacts in Sydney – and we wouldn’t have had that opportunity by studying anywhere else,” Annette said.

Fellow student Tanza Gray has been travelling around the world for the past few years and decided to bring all of her knowledge and skills together by studying interior design.

“I was a little bit of a late bloomer in terms of my studies and spent most of my time since leaving Johannesburg 8 years ago travelling and working in the superyacht industry,” Tanza said.

“It was fun to travel but now I’m ready to settle in and focus on all the skills I have picked up in my travels including my experience of many different design profiles.

“Studying at TAFE NSW has helped me to consolidate all of my knowledge and make incredible industry contacts to further my career prospects.”

Students can apply now to enrol in the Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) for 2020. To learn more about studying interior design at TAFE NSW visit or call 131 601.

Media contact: Alice Dalley, TAFE NSW Media and Communications Business Partner,, 0402 528 210