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Keep it simple: Sara's sage advice for the bring a plate predicament

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Keep it simple: Sara's sage advice for the bring a plate predicament

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: TAFE NSW cookery guru Sara Morley has shared her top tips on how to prepare for a 'bring a plate' event.

They’re the three seemingly innocent words that strike dread into the hearts of many: “Bring a plate”.

It’s a peculiarly Australian request, often given at little notice and with scant detail about what type of food to actually bring.

Yes, you could shimmy some Tim Tams onto a plate or artfully place some party sausage rolls around a pool of tomato sauce.

But if you’re a true epicurean, like TAFE NSW cookery guru Sara Morley, you can’t be half-baked about your choice of dish.

Speaking in her regular TAFE Buds segment with ABC Riverina Breakfast host Sally Bryant, Ms Morley offered some tasty tips to the bring a plate predicament.

“The pressure is even greater on me as a chef but I still abide by the principle of ‘keep it simple’,” she said.

“When you try and make it too fancy, it exposes you to a greater risk of something going wrong.”

Ms Morley said being aware of which types of food travelled well was also an important consideration.

“Some food deteriorates rapidly over time; you want to consider something that holds its flavour and moisture, even if it’s sitting out for a while,” she said.

“Think things like lamb curry in a slow cooker, particularly in the colder months.

“That way, you can just bring the slow cooker with you and serve from it once you’re at the venue.”

Ms Morley advised listeners to always consider food hygiene when attending “bring a plate” events.

“Also, be wary about bringing your good plates,” she said.

“I’ve got a couple of dinner sets that are a bit lighter after leaving plates behind.”

Ms Morley suggested dishes like con loaf, devilled eggs or even a downsized version of that iconic Aussie dish, the snagger sandwich.

“Grab some of those delicious little sausages like a chipolata, whack them in one of those mini par-baked bread rolls and include a relish, and you’ll keep the kids and adults happy,” she said.

If you’d like to up your cooking game, consider enrolling in a cookery or hospitality course at TAFE NSW. For more information, call 13 16 01 or visit