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Northcott and TAFE NSW partnership supports disability job training 

Northcott and TAFE NSW partnership supports disability job training 

Eleven Northcott customers have just completed two pre-employment training programs through TAFE NSW resulting in them securing employability skills and knowledge to become job-ready.

The tailor made Statement of Attainment for Introduction to Working in a Warehouse and Statement of Attainment for Introduction to Retail qualifications were offered due to the growth in the retail and warehouse industry, and to support the customers to be ready for work placement with a Northcott employment partner.

Northcott Vocational Skills Coordinator, Helen Sara said this is a fantastic opportunity for their customers to broaden their skillset.

“The TAFE NSW qualification will equip our customers with greater capability to be job ready when they are ready to enter the workforce,” she said.

“It has been great to work with TAFE NSW to develop this tailored program to meet the needs of our participants. Not only will it facilitate growth in confidence, skills and knowledge with employment setting, it has already assisted some customers in achieving their goal of employment.”

TAFE NSW Head of Supply Chain and eCommerce Skills Team, Simon Bolton said this is the first time the disability service provider has worked with TAFE NSW to deliver customised training to their customers.

“TAFE NSW is happy to help Northcott customers reach their career ambitions, ensuring they have the hands-on practical skills employers are looking for,” he said.

“Online shopping in Australia is growing rapidly, with over $2 billion spent in 2017. Businesses in Australia will be increasingly looking to enter the online marketplace or to expand their existing online operations, and as such will require workers with skills in warehousing and drop shipping (a retail fulfilment method).

“As part of the training, participants will learn how to pick and process orders, package and receive goods, work effectively in a team and work safely. TAFE NSW is happy to provide these qualifications to Northcott customers, to ensure they are equipped to gain employment.”

As Australia’s largest training provider, TAFE NSW delivered this training to Northcott customers using their expert industry trainers in a way that fits their business operations and needs.

Northcott customer, Ronald MacKenzie said completing the pre-employment training program has increased his confidence and improved his chances of finding work.

“I feel very confident to engage with employers, now that I have learnt the basics,” he said.

“I normally don’t knuckle down and study much, but participating in this pre-employment program has demonstrated that I can study quite well if I really focus on it. The good thing is that I now have some experience to gain employment.”

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