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TAFE NSW Richmond is delivering a first aid course for your furry friends

TAFE NSW Richmond

TAFE NSW Richmond is delivering a first aid course for your furry friends

With 62 per cent of Australian households owning at least one pet, [1] there’s no denying that pets play a big role in the lives of Australians. For many, these furry friends are more than just a pet, they’re a part of the family and their health is extremely important.

In the summer months, pets are exposed to higher risk of injury from snake and spider bites, dehydration and even sunburn. To ensure that pet owners are equipped with the essential tools to react effectively when emergency situations like this occur, TAFE NSW Richmond will deliver a TAFE Plus Statement in First Aid/Medication Techniques for Pets Seminar on 16 November.

The one day course will cover the basic first aid techniques needed to care of pets in an emergency. Participants will also learn how to prepare a pet first aid kit, correctly bandage a wound, perform CPR and learn how to react in the first few minutes of an incident, which could help save a pet’s life.

TAFE NSW Head Teacher Animal Studies, Rebecca Coventry said, “There are more than 24 million pets in Australia[2] and each one plays a big role in someone’s life. When a pet gets sick it has a ripple effect on its owners and the loss of a pet is always devastating.

“This course is designed to provide pet owners and people working in the industry with a range of skills that they can use on their pets when they’re ill or emergencies arise. They’ll learn how to correctly medicate a pet, apply ear and eye drops, how to look after diabetic animals, the correct way to restrain animals and how to administer CPR.

“Knowing how to act in those first few minutes when your pet is injured or unwell can be crucial, so it’s important that all pet owners are educated correctly.”

A recent study in America found that a third of parents surveyed said that their pet was their favourite child and that 67% said their pet was their best friend[3]. You’d learn first aid for your child and your best friend, now it’s time to learn it for your pets.

To find out more about this short course visit or call 131 601.

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