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TAFE NSW students barking up the right tree


TAFE NSW students barking up the right tree

TAFE NSW graduates Heather Lamy and Elise Smith are barking up the right tree with their unique new pet grooming business Spots & Brows.

The friends, and now business partners, are servicing Australia’s love for their pets with figures showing Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with over 60% of Australian households owning a pet.[1]

There is subsequently a huge demand for pet services with Australians spending around $12.2 billion on their furry friends each year.[2]

Both lovers of animals Heather and Elise originally met while studying the Certificate II in Animal Studies at TAFE NSW and quickly formed a bond.

Heather said, “Elise and I then worked together in a vet clinic as kennel staff but then decided to do a grooming course together at TAFE NSW as it seemed like fun and a good opportunity to expand our skills and further our careers.”

“We had both dreamed of working with animals for a living but we soon realised that grooming was our passion and began freelance grooming - leading to Spots & Brows!”

Spots & Brows is a grooming service located within Pet Resorts Australia, Dural which offers dog and cat clipping and grooming. The pair said the training they received at TAFE NSW gave them the skills and confidence to own their own business.

Elisa added, “I really enjoyed the course structure and learning environment at TAFE NSW. Our teachers were so friendly and had such incredible industry knowledge and experience, we knew that we could approach them with any problem we faced.

“We have worked so hard to have our own business and TAFE NSW not only gave us the skills in pet care we needed but offered us the support and encouragement we needed to launch our own business.”

TAFE NSW gives students real world skills for the job they want. To find out more about courses in animal care at TAFE NSW visit or phone 131 601.

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