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How to be an accountant

You need to like numbers and be able to think analytically and creatively.

How to be an accountant

Balance the books

So, you're thinking of being an accountant…

Accountants are much more than just "bean counters". They are essential allies for helping to guide people through the complex and ever-changing world of tax and finance.

What does it take to become an accountant?

Personal attributes: A talent for mathematics, the ability to concentrate on large amounts of financial data without becoming bored or confused. Well organised with attention to detail. An ability to analyse and synthesise data. And the ability to think laterally and creatively.

Formal qualifications: Whether you are progressing or starting your career, TAFE NSW has a variety of courses in accounting, including short courses, degrees, diplomas and advanced diplomas. They are available through TAFE NSW Digital as well so you can set the timetable.

If you are still at school you can begin your accounting TAFE NSW studies as part of your HSC. This is through the TVET program. It means you can learn valuable workplace skills and gain hands-on experience while you're still at school, increasing your prospects of employment.When you finish your TVET course, you'll be awarded a nationally accredited qualification.

Career outlook

No matter what twists and turns life takes , training as an accountant is one way of ensuring you'll always have a valuable skill-set to fall back on.

Whether it's account administration, financial planning, small businesses or large multinational companies, accounting never goes out of fashion.


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