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Make sure your degree gives you more than a funny hat

5 tips to make sure your degree is actually going to lead to a job.

But first, what are those funny hats (sometimes called mortarboards because they look like mortarboards used by brickies)? They are thought to have evolved from hats worn by church officials in Europe back in the 1400s. When you graduate, you just borrow or hire one for the day. You don’t own it or wear them to the beach or anything. No-one knows why you are supposed to throw them in the air.

1. Consider the changing ‘job-scape’

The digital age means the job market changes incredibly quickly. Some careers may not exist by the time you graduate. But new careers are coming online all the time. So don’t panic.

TAFE NSW Degrees are designed in partnership with employers so that education and training meets predicted skills shortages in the future.


2. Experience it for real

Your degree will give you the qualification to apply for a job. Work experience proves you have the drive, personality and skills to do the work! It’s simple: work experience and internships are crucial to landing a job after you graduate.

Study for a Degree in the team-focused, boutique classes at TAFE NSW, and you will have lots of one-one-one time with teachers and industry guest lecturers.

"I was able to get a graduate position at NAB," says TAFE NSW Bachelor of Property Valuation graduate Charlie, pictured.

"I was in a room full of university students who had already finished (degrees) and I was in my second year at TAFE NSW and they gave me the job instead.

"I think our teachers are very hands on and I think that's what gave me the knowledge and experience to ... know what the industry wants and needs."

Consider the emphasis TAFE NSW Degrees place on connections, inbuilt internships and work-placements. All TAFE NSW teachers were industry experts before they became teachers. Most still work in the industry. That helps TAFE NSW maintain over 25,000 connections with employers.


3. Find your passion  

There’s a long-standing and slightly annoying saying that goes like this: “If you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s actually true.

All jobs have their ups and downs, but if you’ve got passion for your career, it’s simply going to help your own drive, your work ethic and your desire to succeed. 

If you’re a little unsure of what your passion is, check out our career-match app or test the waters by enrolling in a short course.


4. Do your research

It’s a no-brainer that there will be lots of opportunities in growth areas. For instance:

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Professional Services

Scientific and Technical Services


5. Be willing to upskill

Each year about 40,000 students who already have a Degree enrol at TAFE NSW to add a ‘real’ difference to their education, so it’s always a good time to refine your credentials. Make sure your education is flexible and that you can transfer credit and experience if you discover a path that excites you.

But whether you already have a degree or not, short courses can give you specific skills that can set you apart from other job-hunters. And also explore micro-credentials which are skill-specific, degree-level short courses.

TAFE NSW is Government-owned and backed. We are here for one thing: your career. That means we offer more than courses. We offer support services and a range of pathways.

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