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5 short course areas for just one person

TAFE NSW offers hundreds of short courses just for you. Well, you and a few other people in NSW.

5 short course areas for just one person

Take a shortcut to get ahead

Take a TAFE NSW short course online, face-to-face, or a delightful combination of the two. Explore short courses and breathe life into your career.

1. Writing

Yes, good old-fashion words. Whether you’re writing financial advice or a short story, a TAFE NSW short course is what you need. Find your voice, and learn essential storytelling techniques and writing conventions. Wait for it ... your career can take off 'write' now at TAFE NSW.


2. Agri-ecology

Agri-ecology? Absolutely! It’s an exciting time to be learning about farms and agricultural ecosystems in one of Australia’s fastest-growing and innovative industries. Be skilled in sustainable farming practices and join the environmental revolution with an agriculture short course at TAFE NSW.


3. Real estate

Yes, real skills in real estate. Gain market knowledge and skills to embark on your real estate sales career or to propel you into further study in property valuation, including a TAFE NSW Degree. Get your career in real estate sales, property valuation or property management moving!


4. Photography

If you love your camera and have an eye for angles and lighting, your creative career as a freelancer starts with a short course in photography. TAFE NSW offers a variety of different photography courses to formalise your existing knowledge or add skills to your career that includes photographic elements. TAFE NSW can help you capture what you need.



5. Floristry

It’s a bright and beautiful future in floristry. Put your creative flair on display. A short course will give you an introduction to the industry and a foundation in the design concepts to make stunning floral arrangements.



Be whatever you want to be. Faster.

TAFE NSW offers over hundreds of short courses with online and flexible options. Find your ticket to a new career, or add skills and qualifications to your existing career.

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