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No unicorns: just an important and rewarding job

Working with children makes Cole feel like he has done something important. Because he has.

No unicorns: just an important and rewarding job

A career in childcare is for anyone

It’s no secret that there are very few men working in early childhood education. In fact, statistics from the Australian Government reveal that it is less than three percent.

Cole Oakes is breaking the mould and giving it a go: “I have a lot of younger cousins and I’ve always been good with children,” Cole says.

Family members suggested he try childhood education as a career, and now it all makes sense.

“I find when I work with children I’m very focused and, at the end of the day, I feel like I have done some important work. It’s a very fulfilling role and one I would recommend for anyone who is interested and passionate about childhood education."

His training includes plenty of practical experience from work placement and the weekly play sessions. It also gave Cole a chance to speak to parents to get valuable feedback.

Get vital hands-on experience

Parents bring their children to the simulated childcare facility at TAFE NSW each week so the students can get real experience caring for children and their families.

With TAFE NSW you really get the practical experience and industry insight you need to get started in early childhood education.

Kids: it’s a growing industry

Early Childhood Education and Care is a growing industry. The Australian Government’s Job Outlook research says that 36,000 new jobs are coming in the industry by 2022. It’s a perfect time to get into a rewarding career working with children.


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