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Bring collaboration into isolation

While classes were paused and many moved to 'blended' or part-online environments, the TAFE NSW community found ways to expand educational  boundaries.

Bring collaboration into isolation

(For more information about Covid-19 and TAFE NSW studies, see Important Updates.)

“TAFE Radio is a station where students learn by doing,” says Verity Chambers, TAFE NSW teacher of Media, Radio and Journalism. “We're proud to keep finding ways to keep doing just that.”

And 'doing' is exactly what teachers and students have been up to. In a virtual social-distancing environment, everyone teamed up to create the first 'lock-down' TAFE Radio show. The whole 80-minute segment was based around pirating, pirate radio and, just for good measure and some fun, pirates in general! Head teacher Natalie Pozdeev is pictured - in pre-distancing times - with radio teacher and Pirate Show producer Brian Newington.

How they did it

  • Students met on video conferencing software
  • Collaborated using virtual ‘breakout rooms’
  • Chatted on other platforms
  • Made content using both free and licensed software 
  • Put the run-sheet together on cloud drives


What the students thought about the process

Bring on next week

“I think the show really showed the strengths and weaknesses in broadcasting from home. But all together it worked out very well and I’m so excited to host next week’s show!”
Lucas, radio student

Teachers on the fly

"What was surprising was the breadth and depth of talent we have in our class and among our teachers who put it together so well while running this whole TAFE-radio-and-journalism-school, remotely. I loved being a very tiny part of a fun little radio show this morning!”
– Dash, journalism student

No matter where you are

"It’s challenging to create a show from outside the studio with such large numbers of broadcasters, but with all the tools readily available, it was great to learn how studio-sounding and professional content can be produced no matter where you are."
– Harrison, radio student

Good vibes

“It definitely left a warm feeling in me. In this case, my learning experience was quite large, as I managed to get on top of learning to be resourceful with next to no equipment, and also doing a solo piece was a first in this case for me."
Lucas, radio student

Studio is empty but there people at home

Common goal

“If self-isolation has taught us anything, it is that if you work together for a common goal, things can be achieved no matter where you are.”
Emily , radio student

Change your pace

"I think the strength of the show really came from the cohesive flow of everyone's segments and how they flowed into each other … And I have a little more of a critical view of my own vocal inflections and pacing which I hadn't considered so much in the past."
– Tiffany, journalism student

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