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Discover a different part of New South Wales

The Destination Australia Scholarship helped Queenslander Jason Sparrow, travel to Albury and study the Diploma of Permaculture.

Discover a different part of New South Wales

A Destination Australia Scholarship helped Queenslander Jason Sparrow travel to Albury to study a Diploma of Permaculture. Since then, he has secured a job in hospitality and has been loving his studies, as well as discovering a new region, ideas, and practices. TAFE NSW caught up with Jason, to get the lowdown on his experience.

What has interested and surprised you about the area?

I had only ever visited the Albury area once before moving here. The river is amazing, the people are friendly and the area is rich in history. The area is also interesting in that it was the first area in Australia to be cleared for agriculture.  

Tell us about the campus that you have chosen

The TAFE NSW National Environment Centre in Thurgoona is an awesome campus. It has its own farm which is a great learning tool in itself. The swales, the creek that runs through, the animals and the organic practices that are in place are all great. And here, they practice what they teach.

How would you describe the teaching?

Amazing. The teachers know what they are talking about. You can see their experience and knowledge when they speak to you. They are also incredibly helpful and patient.  

The teachers and education support officers really are amazing and seem to go out of their way to try and help you wherever they can.


Do you feel that your career options have been improved?

I have been offered two jobs for when I finish my studies. My knowledge and understanding of what I would like to achieve in the future has definitely improved, and I think that by the end of this course I will have the skills and knowledge to put it all into place. 


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Destination Australia Scholarships are funded by the Commonwealth Government. Each Scholarship provides $15,000 per student per year to meet the costs associated with relocating, living and studying in regional Australia. Scholarships are open to domestic and international students.