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Study + dream job = good times

Kirsten Lee landed her dream accounting job after completing an online course with TAFE Digital.

Study + dream job = good times

A disposable cup, but a keep-career

Kirsten’s journey with TAFE Digital took her to real-world accounting qualifications and then a date with destiny.

“It is almost as though I was destined for this particular role,” says Kirsten. “I was contacted within 10 minutes after the interview asking for references. By 2pm, that same afternoon I was offered the job.”

Build on your natural ability

Kirsten knew that she had an aptitude for accounting.

She knew there is a high demand for people with nationally accredited accounting qualifications.

She had a bit of experience worked in payroll and related positions.

Then she added more value to her career with a stint in the legal profession working on wills-probate and conveyancing.

This is adding up to a good career recipe.

Take the time to upskill

When Kirsten was 32 years old, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

“My world crumbled,” she says. “I was very sick and scared.”

She decided to upgrade her skills in the accounting profession. Studying actually helped Kirsten overcome adversity. And she chose the supportive and flexible environment of TAFE Digital.

“The teaching staff were amazingly supportive. If it were not for them, I would not have completed my studies.”

Get right into work

Kirsten is now looking after accounting for nine of the 33 companies in the National Group.

“As an assistant accountant, my role is broad and can change each day, which I love,” says Kirsten.

“I have a great boss who leads me supportively in an organisation big enough to give me the scope to continually learn, and small enough for me to delve into every avenue of accounting and hone my skills.”

Online study tips

With her existing workload and her illness, online study at TAFE Digital was the best option for Kirsten.

“It was the staged progression model, with units and stand-alone qualifications available online that offers a clear and defined pathway from Certificate IV towards a Diploma and Advanced Diploma that appealed to me the most,” she says.

According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook, the demand for accountants is growing. There are likely to be around 84,000 job openings over five the next years.


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